Achisomoch Aid Company (or AAC) is a registered UK charity that functions as a ‘Donor Advised Fund’. This means it administers funds on behalf of donors to around 2,000 registered orthodox Jewish charities. Using its modern online portal (www.achisomoch.org) Achisomoch UK facilitates more than 250,000 yearly donations with a turnover of more than £37 million.

Achisomoch Gibraltar has been set up to give Gibraltarians access to this platform and also enable our community to claim the gift aid back for all donations given through Achisomoch’s platform (i.e. 25% of up to a maximum of £10,000 per annum). In addition, although Achisomoch UK charge a 5% commission on deposits they will send half of these commissions back to Achisomoch Gibraltar. All these proceeds will go towards our schools (Talmud Torah, GBSS & GGHS) and, if necessary, support other community charities, as decided by the local trustees.

Once you’ve opened your account you will be able to donate to any of our local institutions at the click of a button! This includes; the four synagogues (KKSH, KKNY, KKA & KKEH), the schools (Talmud Torah, GBSS, GGHS, Preschool & Israeli Nursery), the general community charity account (RTJC), Youth Club, the Hebrew Poor Fund, the Kollel and the Mikve.

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Easily Maximise Your Giving

Whether you give a little or a lot, Achisomoch makes giving tzedakah as tax-efficient and simple as possible by looking after all of your paperwork, record-keeping and procedures for you.


Maximised and Centralised Giving

How Achisomoch enables you to give more charity, with greater clarity:



Deposit funds into your AAC account, even directly from your employer.

Gibraltar Charities claim back Gift Aid, sending 25p to local institutions for every £1 you deposit.

Simply make donations directly from your AAC account using charity cheques, vouchers or via our super-fast online portal


We will automatically record all your donations for you ensuring your charitable activities are fully accounted for.

235 Years of Oustanding Service


Our approach makes tax-efficient giving as simple as possible

Convenient Tools

Our cheques and online system make it easy to make tax-efficient donations.

Reliable Service

Our growth is largely due to client recommendation. We operate a 24-48 hours response time to queries and provide clients with monthly statements.

Personal Support

Our renowned client support team are here to help, providing prompt, clear, expert guidance – and solutions.


In 2019/2020 AAC UK donated profits of £800,000 to schools and other educational establishments within the UK


AchisomochUK’s administration costs have remained less than 1.5% of all turnover.


All donated to UK-Based educational institutions