At last, let’s get the most out of our giving.

Whether donating a little or a lot, giving tzedakah is so much simpler with an online account

Last year AAC facilitated over 49 million pounds
of charitable giving

Here's why people give with AAC

AAC makes giving tzedakah as tax-efficient and simple as possible by looking after all
of your paperwork, record-keeping and procedures for you.

Give more:

We will claim back Gift Aid for donations sent through your account. This sends 25p to local institutions for every £1 you deposit (up to £10,000 each year).

Give easily:

Make local and international donations to over 4,000 other charities, including fundraising campaigns, directly from your AAC account - using our online portal or vouchers.

Give with clarity:

Your charitable giving records are always fully up-to-date and instantly accessible.

How does our community benefit?

In addition to claimed Gift Aid, our local charities will receive a share of our revenues.

As a non-profit community service, 100% of AAC’s profits generated by a 5% commision charge are donated back to Jewish charities. Potentially half of these profits will be given to AAC Gibraltar to support our local mosdot! All the proceeds will go towards our schools (Talmud Torah, GBSS & GGHS) and, on occasion, support other community charities, as decided by our local directors.

Reduced administrative overheads

For any donations made through AAC, charities do not need to spend time processing these charitable donations and their associated Gift Aid reclaim procedures.

AAC Gibralter is built on the solid foundations of AAC UK

For 45 years, thousands of clients have trusted AAC UK to help them give more charity, with greater clarity.

Last year, AAC UK facilitated a record £49+ million of charitable giving.

Some of the local Gibraltar Charities supported

How Achisomoch Gibraltar enables you to give quickly, efficiently, and with greater clarity

Deposit funds

into your Achisomoch Gibraltar account

Our Gibraltar Charities claim back Gift Aid,

sending 25p to local institutions for every £1 you deposit (up to £10,000 each year).

Simply make donations

from your Achisomoch Gibraltar account using a fast and user-friendly online portal.

We will automatically record all your donations for you

ensuring your charitable activities are fully accounted for.

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AAC Gibraltar is a non-profit organisation run by volunteers.

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